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dc.contributor.authorPomares Bory, Eduardo de Jesús-
dc.contributor.authorArencibia Flores, Lourdes Guadalupe-
dc.contributor.authorGalvizu Díaz, Katiana-
dc.description.abstractABSTRACT Background: the perception of users about computing products and services used is a useful criterion for their improvement. Objective: to analyze the teachers' perception of a virtual methodological workshop to improve teaching management, as an educational innovation designed using the Moodle platform. Methods: a descriptive research was carried out, with a mixed approach, based on a field study in the Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences of "Salvador Allende" Faculty of Medical Sciences, from April to June 2020. Theoretical methods were used: analysis-synthesis and systemic approach; empirical ones: PNI technique and questionnaire; and statistical mathematics for data processing. Results: the PNI technique highlighted the topic as positive; negative, the slow speed of interaction; and interestingly, the training during social isolation by COVID-19; while the questionnaire, made up of 9 items, showed a satisfactory comprehensive perception of the workshop carried out. Conclusions: the analysis determined that the application of the innovation was perceived by the teachers as a satisfactory experience in their training, and revealed the need to improve the orientation of the activities, based on the knowledge of its participants about information and communication technologies.-
dc.relation.ispartofSciELO Cuba-
dc.rightsDerechos reservados-
dc.titlePercepción profesoral sobre una innovación educativa para mejorar la gestión docente utilizando la plataforma Moodle-
dcterms.bibliographicCitationPomares Bory, Eduardo de Jesús, Arencibia Flores, Lourdes Guadalupe, & Galvizu Díaz, Katiana. (2021). Percepción profesoral sobre una innovación educativa para mejorar la gestión docente utilizando la plataforma Moodle. EDUMECENTRO, 13(1), 167-183. Epub 31 de marzo de 2021. Recuperado en 01 de abril de 2022, de http://scielo.sld.cu/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S2077-28742021000100167&lng=es&tlng=es.
dc.subject.keywordscomputer communication networks-
dc.subject.keywordseducación de postgrado-
dc.subject.keywordsproyectos de tecnologías de información y comunicación-
dc.subject.keywordsredes de comunicación de computadores-
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