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Título : Todos podemos ser creativos. Aportes a la educación
Autor : Elisondo, Romina Cecilia
Piga, María Florencia
Fecha de publicación : 2020
Resumen : Abstract Current studies indicate that creativity is a potential that can be deployed in different contexts. The aim of this paper is to analyze, from the perspective of the actors, constructed meanings regarding their own creative processes, considering conceptions, activities and emotions that condition creativity. We present a qualitative study developed in two stages. In the first moment, 200 adults (between 18 and 78 years old) from Río Cuarto (Argentina) participated by answering a questionnaire about everyday creativity. In the second stage, we interviewed 20 people selected from the initial sample. The interviews centered on the contexts proposed for creativity, focusing on educational environments. The results indicate that creativity is a potential of all people that can be deployed in the most diverse daily activities. We observed links between creative activities, positive emotions and personal satisfaction. Creativity, the complex process that includes subjective and contextual components, requires certain cognitive, personal, social and cultural conditions for deployment in different areas. Creating creative educational contexts involves commitments and risks, and educational policies need to be more open in order to allow for interstices for innovation.
ISSN : 2007-2171
metadata.dc.identifier.url: http://www.scielo.org.mx/pdf/dsetaie/v11n20/2007-2171-dsetaie-11-20-00010.pdf
metadata.dc.type: Articulo
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