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dc.contributor.authorPomares Bory, Eduardo de Jesús-
dc.contributor.authorBarrios Herrero, Liliam-
dc.contributor.authorVázquez Naranjo, Odalys-
dc.contributor.authorArencibia Flores, Lourdes Guadalupe-
dc.contributor.authorLastayo Bourbon, Lourdes-
dc.contributor.authorPérez Yero, Carlos Manuel-
dc.description.abstractABSTRACT Background: the introduction of educational innovations in response to the social demand to integrate electronic technology in the teaching-learning process needs to implement the assessment of new educational offerings. Objective: to analyze the student's perception of an evaluative innovation using Moodle, introduced in the Nervous, Endocrine and Reproductive Systems subject, in the "Salvador Allende" School of Medical Sciences during the 2018-2019 academic year. Methods: a descriptive investigation with a mixed approach was carried out. Theoretical methods were used: analysis-synthesis and inductive-deductive; empirical ones: pedagogical test to students, participatory observation and the survey in the form of a questionnaire, and the forum; and mathematical-statistic for data processing. Educational innovation was valued by criteria of specialists. Results: the application of the pedagogical test led to homogeneity in the evaluation instruments and the implementation of the formative evaluation, the participatory observation evidenced the interest of the students in the development of the evaluations and the need to advise the work with the Moodle platform. The data obtained with the surveys showed a satisfactory student perception of innovation, although the graphic design of the activities was considered as a weakness. Conclusions: the evaluative innovation was a satisfactory student experience in responding to some of their expectations as centered participants in the teaching-learning process; Teachers of experience in the subject valued it as a feasible didactic alternative to be used to achieve a more relevant approach in the apprehension of knowledge.-
dc.relation.ispartofSciELO Cuba-
dc.rightsDerechos reservados-
dc.titlePercepción estudiantil sobre una innovación evaluativa utilizando la plataforma Moodle-
dcterms.bibliographicCitationPomares Bory, E. d. J., Herrero, L. B., Naranjo, O. V., Flores, L. G. A., Bourbon, L. L., & Yero, C. M. P. (2020). Percepción estudiantil sobre una innovación evaluativa utilizando la plataforma Moodle. Edumecentro, 12(2)
dc.subject.keywordsaplicaciones de la informática médica-
dc.subject.keywordseducación médica-
dc.subject.keywordsevaluación educacional-
dc.subject.keywordsproyectos de tecnologías de información y comunicación-
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