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Título : Prácticas de innovación pedagógica, vinculación científica-tecnológica y extensión universitaria
Autor : Talevi, Marianella
Diez, María Angélica
Serra Varela, Samanta
Fecha de publicación : 2020
Resumen : Abstract The National university of Río Negro (Argentina) strengthens its links to society at large following the association principle, together with those of science, innovation and excellence. Innovative pedagogic practices in Paleontology and Geology were approached with a qualitative and exploratory-descriptive focus. Those innovations were based on the needs of regional museums channeled through extension projects, volunteering and social work. As a result, two central objectives were fulfilled, i.e., collaboratively reactivate museums –both inwardly and outwardly– by means of technological linking and thus improving social communication of science and science education. This, in turn, enriches student formation by implementing pedagogic curriculum innovations centered in problem solving and service-learning. Likewise, student commitment as citizens was strengthened, research collections were assembled and curated and strategies of geological-paleontological heritage preservation were generated.
ISSN : 1851-1716
metadata.dc.identifier.url: http://www.scielo.org.ar/pdf/cdyt/n61/1851-1716-cdyt-61-43.pdf
metadata.dc.type: Articulo
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